What We Do

We place gas monitors in locations provided to us by the customer. These monitors communicate wirelessly through a mesh network back to a main controller. This main controller provides monitor readings and diagnostics to a remote monitoring system which sends data out to the internet. The main controller also provides alarm signaling to local audible and visual alarming stations both wired and wirelessly.

We can also customize our services and packages to best meet the needs of our customers.

Our PASTEK Mobile Technical Trailers

Pastek Mobile Trailer

Controller mounted at PASTEK mobile trailer.

  1. Meshes Wireless Monitors.
  2. Up to 24 channels.
  3. Built-in data logging.
Wireless LEL & Toxic Gas Monitors

Wireless LEL & Toxic Gas Monitors deployed at customer recommended locations.

  1. Self-healing network automatically routes data back to Controller through the best wireless path available.
  2. Intrinsically Safe.
Real-time Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Alarm System Communications located in PASTEK mobile trailer.

  1. Event Notification: Notifications of alerts via voice, email or text messages.
  2. Website Interface: A quick view is provided to display any critical events or alarms at any given time. Critical events are highlighted in red on all web pages and additional information is available by drilling down into sub-menus.

Seamless, Self-healing Network

Gases Available for Monitoring

Gas Monitoring